The Achilles tendon is man’s strongest tendon. It fixes the calf muscles to the heel bone thus transferring the strength of the muscle to the bone, i.e. the joint. The Achilles tendon renders the strong plantar flexion (the flexion of the foot in the direction of the sole) possible and also its inversion (supination, the lateral tilt movement).

Rupture of the Achilles Tendon
The rupture of the Achilles tendon is produced by a sudden contraction of the calf muscles, mostly as a consequence of a pre-existent injury, e.g. of too much or wrong weight-bearing on the foot. The plantar flexion, i.e. the tiptoeing, is hardly possible when the Achilles tendon has been broken.

There are conservative (non-operative) and operative methods of therapy. According to his diagnosis, the physician chooses the treatment in agreement with his patient. In order to relieve the tendon, the foot is fixed in a tiptoe-position (conservative und post-operative treatment) and, over a couple of weeks, slowly restored to its normal position.

The Künzli stability boot Ortho Rehab Total was developed with external specialists from medicine and biomechanics for the after-treatment of injuries of the Achilles tendon. Wedges that are part of the package make the important tiptoe-position possible and can respond to the healing process. The combination of the especially developed rocker-bottom sole and the built of the shaft relieve the Achilles tendon additionally. Thus the patient uses less strength for the pushing-off movement of the foot when walking. He economizes his energy and moves his foot smoothly – an advantage in comparison with the classical stability boots. As soon as the pains allow for it, full weight on the foot is possible. Always worn in pairs, the stability boots Ortho Rehab Total render a physiologically correct upright gait and contribute to a fast healing process and a faster return to “normal” life (early functional therapy).

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