Lahmung Fuss Peronaeus

Paralysis is understood to be the functional loss of a part of the body. If a nerve is being damaged, the muscle cannot perform its function/movement any more or does so only partly. In medicine paralysis is also called paresis.

A well-known paralysis of the foot is a weak dorsiflexion, also called peroneal paresis. The foot tilts outward and often cannot be pulled back to the body anymore. Thus walking becomes very difficult as the heel mostly touches the ground before the forefoot.
The Künzli Ortho® stability boot Ortho Open and Ortho Sandale relieve this problem. They make an almost natural, fluent gait possible. They can be opened completely and permit a simple entry into the boot without having to lift up the foot. The high shaft and the laterally reinforced stabilizing system stabilize the foot and support, in combination with the sole, the rocker movement. The model Ortho Open with the especially developed therapeutic sole makes walking evidently less difficult.

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