Künzli stability boots are recognized by health insurance companies and accident insurances (Suva) and are registered on the product-list (MiGel or LiMA) under the number
For a confirmation of coverage for treatment the patient must have the respective prescription. The stability boot can be retained directly from a hospital/doctor's office or from an orthopaedic medical store. The prices of Künzli stability boots correspond to the official tariffs (OSM/SVOT or OSM/ASTO) according to the Swiss tariff-commission (www.zmt.ch).

Künzli stability boots are enlisted on the list of medical aids and appliances. For a cost coverage by the health insurance company or the accident insurance (e.g. DGUV) a respective medical prescription together with the number of the medical aid is necessary. The stability boot can be obtained from an orthopaedic medical store.

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