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March 8, 2021
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Hooks with Blocking System

  • The lacing stays fixed and does not loosen
  • Optimum lacing for a perfect fit

Tongue Perfect FitOrtho Standard Neu vorne

  • Leather
  • Adjusted padding for fewer pressure points
  • Optimised passage of lacing, the tongue positions itself correctly
  • Anatomical cut for a perfect fit

Heel Counter

  • Double, for a better enclosure of the heel
  • Reduces the rotation of the tibia and counteracts the forward movement of the talus
  • Solid high-tech material, high-quality carbon look

Toe Box

  • App. 30% of supplementary space
  • Double layer of leather keeps the volume of the last

Fashion Look

  • Entirely manufactured in leather
  • Entirely black as an answer to multiple requests
  • Typical Swiss design, plain and functional
February 1, 2019

Where other winter soles reach their limits, the unique cork profile sole from Künzli convinces. The insertion of the cork acts like sandpaper and prevents it from slipping on snow and ice.

Künzli has developed a unique sole, which is very suitable for the winter and it works. The sole is distinguished by the integration of corks. It offers great slip resistance, in which it acts like a sandpaper. Due to the thermo-regulating properties of the cork, the sole does not harden even at cold temperatures. The sole is complimented with a dirt and salt protection. This makes Künzli shoes a must have for every winter hike.

Benefit now from our winter shoes with non-slip sole:

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December 20, 2018

The Künzli Ortho shoes offer you the possibility to move freely again after an injury, without the irritation of crutches. Thus you can concentrate again on your everyday life and on the healing process. In addition, any problems caused by crutches, such as hand pain, back problems and posture, can be reduced.
With Künzli simply healthy again through everyday life

November 6, 2018

This is the model "activ S" with which Mr. Franz Siffert played football 1968-1970. Today we have personally received his Künzli football boot for the archive!


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